Volkswagen T1 & T2 campers

We build amazing Volkswagen T1 & T2 campers

Are you looking for a unique Volkswagen T1 or T2 camper van that has been built with love and craftsmanship in our garage in Brazil? Look no further! We offer a wide range of Volkswagen campers that are built to meet your specific needs and taste.

We offer two options for purchasing your dream camper: we can custom build it for you in our own garage in Brazil, or you can buy one of our ready-made campers.

Custom-built Volkswagen T2 camper vans are available from us, with prices starting at EUR 21,500 / USD 23,750 plus shipping.

Get inspired by some of our examples of Volkswagen T1 & T2 (camper) buses.

Your customized Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper

At our company we also offer custom-built Volkswagen campers that are fully adapted to the customer’s wishes. Our expert craftsmen work closely with the customer to translate their vision into a unique and personal Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper that perfectly suits their travel style and personal preferences.

The building process starts with finding the Volkswagen bus and restoring the bodywork, which is essential for the quality of the camper. We spend a lot of time on the bodywork and painting, an average of about 1,250 hours per T2 camper, to ensure that every detail is perfect and the camper looks like new.

From the moment of purchasing the Volkswagen bus to the delivery of the customized camper, it takes about five months. During this time, we work on the design and construction of the interior, including the kitchen, bed, and electrical system. We use only high-quality materials and make sure that the conversion meets safety standards and regulations.

At our company, we understand that every customer has unique wishes when it comes to their camper, and we work hard to meet those wishes. Whether it’s a long-distance trip or a weekend getaway, our custom-built Volkswagen T1 & T2 campers are the perfect companion for any journey.

Camper Interiors

At our company, we design and build our own camper interior. We believe that a camper interior should not only be functional, but also have a personal and unique look. That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to design and build their interior according to their own wishes and tastes.

In our garage, we have all the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to bring the customer’s design to life. We start by mapping out the customer’s needs and desires and create a custom design based on that. We not only look at the functionality of the interior, but also at the style and appearance. Our experienced craftsmen ensure that every detail is finished perfectly and that the interior is durable and of high quality.

Importing Volkswagen camper

If you have already purchased a Volkswagen camper or other car in Brazil, we can provide you with logistical services. We offer door-to-door service at competitive prices and can safely and efficiently transport your vehicle. If you only want to transport one Volkswagen bus, we offer shared container options that can significantly save you on logistics costs. In this case, we share one container with two customers, so you only pay for the space you need. With us, you can rely on a reliable and professional service that meets all your transportation needs.

We offer consolidated export services to the port of Rotterdam, LeHavre, Houston and Vancouver

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If you are interested in buying a Volkswagen T1 or T2 (camper) bus, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are ready to help you find the perfect Volkswagen van.

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