Securely buy your VW bus with escrow

You can safely purchase your Volkswagen bus from us using an escrow account, providing you with peace of mind and security during the purchase process. An escrow account is a secure way to conduct transactions, especially for large purchases like a Volkswagen bus. It protects both the buyer and the seller from potential fraud or misunderstandings. When you choose to buy through escrow, you deposit the money into a third-party account managed by an independent party. Only when certain conditions are met, the money is released. This ensures a fair transaction. 

Please note that this service is currently only available for European clients, excluding the UK. To use the escrow account, the import must go through the port of Rotterdam. We provide door-to-door service throughout Europe and offer shared container services to the port of Rotterdam, which reduces logistical costs.

Safe and transparent: how to buy your Volkswagen bus

  1. Choose your Volkswagen bus: Select the bus that suits you from our available stock.
  2. We send you the purchase contract: After your selection, you will receive the purchase contract for signing.
  3. Escrow account: Once both parties have signed the contract, you deposit the money into an escrow account. We use the services of Certo Escrow, whereby all funds from third parties are held in an account at ABN AMRO in the Netherlands.
  4. Container booking: We arrange the container booking. The bus must leave Brazil within a maximum of 6 weeks. The bus will be exported in the name of the customer, so once the bus has left Brazil, the customer is already the legal owner of the bus.
  5. Custom clearance in the Netherlands: Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the bus is cleared by SCL Rotterdam. The clearance costs and VAT are directly invoiced to the customer by SCL Rotterdam.
  6. Escrow account release: Following customs clearance and after inspection and confirmation that the bus has been received without damage, the money is released to Kombi Warriors. The vehicle will be at SCL Rotterdam’s warehouse.
  7. Pick-up or delivery of your car: Internal transport in Europe can be arranged by Kombi Warriors or by the client themselves. Additionally, the option to pick up from the SCL Rotterdam warehouse is available.

If you would like more information about secure payment via an escrow account, please contact us. 

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