Volkswagen Puma GTE – 1977 – 20201015

We take pride in presenting our latest restoration project: a 1977 Volkswagen Puma GTE that we meticulously restored for our client in Hungary.

The Volkswagen Puma GTE holds a special place in automotive history. Produced in limited numbers, this model combines the classic design of the Volkswagen Beetle with a sporty and sleek body crafted by Puma, a Brazilian automaker.

Throughout the restoration process, our experienced team paid close attention to every detail to ensure the vehicle’s originality and authenticity. We carefully disassembled, repaired, and refurbished each component, using a combination of original parts and high-quality reproductions.

The bodywork received special attention, with painstaking efforts to restore its original lines and contours. The interior was expertly refurbished to capture the essence of the era, combining comfort and vintage charm.

Our goal was not only to revive the Volkswagen Puma GTE but also to ensure that it performs optimally. The engine, transmission, and suspension were thoroughly inspected and restored to deliver a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

If you’re passionate about classic cars and interested in owning a Volkswagen Puma GTE, we would be delighted to share more details about our restoration process and discuss how we can bring one to life for you.

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