Volkswagen T2 camper – 1990 – 20220107

We are delighted to share the completed restoration of a Volkswagen T2 camper bus. Our work focused mainly on restoring the exterior and interior, while the customer was responsible for overhauling the engine and mechanics.

The Volkswagen T2, an icon in automotive history, was brought to us in a condition that showed many miles on the odometer. Our experienced team of restorers worked diligently to restore the vehicle’s original shine and glory, taking into account the specific preferences of the customer.

Regarding the exterior, we carefully examined and restored the bodywork. Rust spots and damages were thoroughly treated, with panels repaired or replaced as necessary. Afterwards, we applied a high-quality paint layer to the vehicle, staying true to the original color scheme of the T2.

We also renewed the entire upholstery and developed a custom camper interior according to our customer’s desires.

With this complete upholstery renewal and custom camper interior, our aim is to provide our customer with the ultimate travel experience, where comfort, functionality, and personal preferences converge in their beloved Volkswagen T2 camper bus. We are thrilled to have been able to contribute to realizing their dream camper.

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