Volkswagen T1 – 1965 – CXQ5131 – 20210127

Preserving History with a 1965 Volkswagen T1 Bus Restoration

We completed another full restoration project on a Volkswagen T1 bus from the iconic year of 1965.

The Volkswagen T1, also known as the “Microbus” or “Kombi,” holds a special place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Born in the post-war era, the T1 quickly became a symbol of freedom, adventure, and the counterculture movement. It captured the essence of the 1960s and continues to evoke nostalgia to this day.

The restoration process began by carefully disassembling the bus, ensuring every part was cataloged and examined. Our experienced craftsmen then meticulously restored or replaced each component, always mindful of retaining the T1’s original charm and character. The body received special attention, with rusted panels skillfully repaired, and the iconic curves lovingly brought back to life.

The 1965 Volkswagen T1 bus is now ready to embark on new adventures, embodying the spirit of the past while embracing the future.

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