Miura Car – 1980 -GNT6F70ENG

The Miura car – a icon from Brazil

History if the Miura car

Miura is a Brazilian sports car brand created by Aldo Besson and Itelmar Gobbi, owners of Aldo Auto Capas, who founded Miura in 1976 after the closing of the Brazilian market for imported vehicles.

It focused its production on sports models, generally equipped with Volkswagen mechanics, mounted on a tubular chassis and fiberglass bodies with its own designs. It pioneered the introduction of the ABS Brake system in 1990.

It received orders until 1997, when it stopped selling the BG Truck pickup. Years later, in 2007, the Miura brand was acquired from the bankrupt estate of Besson, Gobbi S/A by the company Rangel & Lima Indústria de Veículos Ltda, which announced two new models, the Miura M1 and the Miura M2, but without success in proposal.

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