Bianco Car Sport – 1978 – AAF7096ENG

Bianco – the sports car from Brazil

Kombi Warriors restores classic cars from Brazil like the Bianco. See here one of our projects.

History Bianco car

The Bianco car was launched at the São Paulo Auto Show in 1976. The company was founded by Toni Bianco (designer of competition cars, and he designed the first Brazilian Formula 3) to produce bodywork in reinforced plastic and fiberglass, using mechanics and engines from Volkswagen. Its main models were the Bianco Furia (also called the Bianco S) and the Bianco Tarpan.

With bold and European lines for the time, the car was a sales success at the 1976 show, with more than 180 units being traded at this event and its monthly production was around 20 units.

In 1978, the company used the New York International Auto Show to launch its new model, the Bianco Series 2. In addition to New York, the company also exhibited at the Argentina Motor Show, where it won awards.

With reasonable success for a Brazilian company in the 1970s, Bianco closed its doors in 1979 due to a disagreement between its partners.

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