toyota bandeirante brazil

Toyota Bandeirante Brazil

Importing Toyota Bandeirante from Brazil The history of Toyota Bandeirante in Brazil (1962 – 2001) Like many car manufacturers installed in Brazil, Toyota Bandeirante started its history in Brazil in the 50s. In that period the Brazilian government adopted a policy for the domestication of the automobile industry. To participate in domestic production and to …

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Volkswagen T2 camper van

Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper vans

Volkswagen T2 camper vans Why buy your Volkswagen T2 camper in Brazil Brazil has much lower labor costs than other regions of the world that specialize in VW motorhomes. Only on the body work of a Volkswagen T2 camper bus we will spend between 850 and 1,000 man hours to get the VW camper van …

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volkswagen t1

Volkswagen T1

Volkswagen T1 Brief history of Volkswagen T1  The official name of the Volkswagen T1 is actually “Type 2” because it was introduced as the second car model of the Volkswagen in 1950. Ben Pon, a Dutch Volkswagen importer, is known as a father of the Volkswagen T1. He visited the Wolfsburg Volkswagen factory in 1946 …

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classic cars brazil karmann Ghia Kombi Warriors

Classic cars Brazil

Kombi Warriors: the classic car specialist from Brazil Classic cars from Brazil Kombi Warriors stems from our passion for classic cars from Brazil. In possession of our own import and export license, we are your partner to supply the old-timers available in Brazil. We source, restore and export all old models like the Volkswagen T1, …

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kombi volkswagen t1 brazil import export

Importing Kombi Brazil

Volkswagen Kombi T1 & T2 from Brazil Importing Kombi from Brazil Bureaucratic, legal and logistical obstacles are important to consider when importing a Kombi from Brazil. We are a Brazilian company specialized in exporting classic cars from Brazil like the Volkswagen T1 Kombi, VW Puma , VW SP2, Bianco and Miura car. Importing a Volkswagen …

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