Classic cars from Brazil

Our company emerged from our passion for classic cars from Brazil.


The Puma GTE, the Brazilian beauty

Volkswagen T1 bus

What we do

We source, restore and export classic cars from Brazil like the Volkswagen T1 & T2, Toyota Bandeirante, VW Karmann Gia,VW Puma GT(E), Bianco and Miura.

kombi t1 brazil

Import & Export Brazil

Shipping classic cars around the world is a delicate and highly specialized task. All of our logistical partners have earned their reputation as experienced car forwarders. As an export company we ship your car globally and we offer consolidated export services to the ports of Rotterdam, Le Havre and Antwerp.

puma brazil

Restoration classic cars

For full auto restoration & body repair services, count on the classic car specialists of Kombi Warriors. With our own garage near the city of São Paulo, we are able to offer tailor-made restoration projects to our customers. With ample access to spare parts we turn restoration projects into jewels again.

puma export brazil

Sourcing vintage cars

Are you looking for a specific classic car? With our network throughout Brazil we will find your dream car and we will handle all internal logistics. No opportunity to travel to Brazil yourself for an on-site inspection? Or are you buying from a seller unknown to you? Kombi Warriors helps for trusted and safe purchases.

To the US we also offer RoRo services.

It´s free. It´s fast. No obligations.

Your custom Volkswagen campervan

We build great Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper vans completely according to your wishes. Unique and affordable.

It takes between 3 to 4 months to build a tailor-made Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper.

We design and build our camper interior in-house according to the wishes of our clients.

volkswagen t2 camper

Your house on wheels. With a Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper you enjoy endless freedom.

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