Importing Toyota Bandeirante from Brazil

The history of Toyota Bandeirante in Brazil (1962 – 2001)

Like many car manufacturers installed in Brazil, Toyota Bandeirante started its history in Brazil in the 50s. In that period the Brazilian government adopted a policy for the domestication of the automobile industry. To participate in domestic production and to secure a position in the future Brazilian market, Toyota planned to produce locally. 

In early 1958, Toyota do Brasil took over the CKD assembly of the Land Cruisers, the name by which its jeeps were known around the world. At that stage, the engine was a six-cylinder gasoline engine, replaced three years later by the diesel Mercedes-Benz OM-324. The production of the bodywork, outsourced, was carried out in Brasinca, until 1968. The Bandeirante became a legend in Brazil right from when the first units rolled off Toyota’s local assembly line in November 1961.

toyota bandeirante brazil
importing bandeirante brazil

By 2000 the days were numbered of the Toyota Bandeirante. Brazil had lifted its ban on the import of foreign made cars in 2001, flooding the market with competition. Also the jeep could not meet the new emissions laws that would come to be in effect. As a consequence the factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo closed in November 2001. The closing ceremony was held on November 28th with the 500 employees in attendance. In 43 years of history, 103,750 units were produced, not counting the Toyotas that were assembled in the CKD system, which did not add up to 1,000 cars.

“The Toyota Bandeirante was built to last for many years, producing profits for its owner.” The phrase, which appeared in the owner’s manual, was not denied by the car’s owners, which was reputed to be able to run 1 million kilometers without opening the engine.

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Importing Bandeirante from Brazil

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