Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper vans

Why buy your Volkswagen camper in Brazil

Brazil has much lower labor costs than other regions of the world that specialize in VW motorhomes. Only on the body work of a Volkswagen T2 camper bus we will spend between 850 and 1,000 man hours to get the VW camper van in perfect condition. With current salaries and labor shortages, it is virtually impossible to restore a Volkswagen T2 camper in Europe. In addition, there is still a strong VW Kombi culture in Brazil and thus a supply of skilled workers.

In addition to cheaper labour, spare parts for Volkswagen T2 buses are also still produced and sold at competitive prices. 

At Kombi Warriors we build custom VW T1 & T2 camper vans in our garage near the city of São Paulo. Unique and affordable. We also develop & build the camper interior in our own garage according to your wishes.

Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper vans for sale

See below our VW campervans ready to ship from Brazil. 

VW camper buses in development

We have several VW camper projects in development for clients which we will update on a regular basis with new photos. 

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The story behind the VW camper bus

The story of the Volkswagen T2 camper van goes back to 1950. This version of the vehicle was created based on a sketch by Ben Pon, a Dutch businessman, after a visit to the Volkswagen factory. The drawing was inspired by a parts mover he had seen during his visit that gave him the idea of ​​how to develop the successful VW Beetle into a vehicle for commercial use.

The first Volkswagen T1 Transporters were built in Wolfsburg, a city closely associated with Volkswagen. The vehicle’s initial design included a distinctive split windshield and included a number of variations over the years.

volkswagen t2 camper bus

After the success of the T1, the T2 Transporter, also known as the ‘Bay Window’, was released. This version eliminated the split windshield of the T1 and increased the overall size and weight of the vehicle. Upgrades to the vehicle include a larger engine, new wheels and sidebars that can be used to get in and out. There have been six generations of Volkswagen Transporter, after production started on March 8, 1950. In the 70 years since, more than 13 million units have been built.

As the VW Transporter has been in constant production for 70 years, it is also the longest production run of any commercial vehicle. Quite an achievement. The Bay Window was produced in the UK and Europe until 1979. Production in Brazil continued after that, so that there is still a large supply of Volkswagen buses.

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