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Since september 1957 the VW Kombi has transported hippies, surfers looking for the best waves and served as a workhorse in many countries around the world. In 2013, with more than 1,5 million Kombis just produced in Brazil, the epic journey ended for Kombi Brazil.

Kombi Brazil

Massive popular outside Brazil, more and more Kombi lovers turn their attention to Brazil where there is still a wide availability of Kombis. It all started in september 1957 when  the first VW bus hit the market. Since then the Volkswagen Kombi has become a real icon. The VW Kombi has many incarnations around the globe from selling ice cream to ambulance, taxi and off course a popular choice as a camping and surfing vehicle.

At Kombi Warriors we offer the following services:


Looking for your dream Kombi from Brazil? We have our own team and an extensive network in Brazil sourcing for Kombis at affordable prices. Stock varies from carefully restored or well maintained VW buses in close to original condition to restoration projects for the client to have their own tailor-made Kombi Brazil. All Kombis are inspected by our team and detailed pictures and videos are sent to our clients before any purchase so there are no surprises.

Except Kombis we also source other classic cars from Brazil like the PUMA GTE, the legendary VW SP2, the Karman-Ghia among others. Our team will find your classic car from Brazil!

At Kombi Warriors we find, restore and export classic aircooled VW Kombis still widely available in Brazil at affordable prices.


With ample access to spare parts of VW buses and a professional team of mechanics we restore old VW buses at a fraction of the costs relative what would be invoiced in Europe. Each restoration project will be divided & budgeted in different phases and payments will be made accordingly.

Export documents & internal logistics

Internal logistics is always a critical issue in Brazil; both from a cost and risk perspective. With our partners that have earned their reputation we transport your Kombis throughout Brazil affordable and in a secure way. All our transports are insured. We also offer combined tranport that enables us to offer sharp pricing for over large distances.

Several bureaucratic procedures are required to obtain the export documentation. This is a critical phase in the exportation process of a Kombi from Brazil. A mistake can lean to substantial time delays and costs. An important part of our services is making sure that all documents are in line with all requirements.


Exporting a Kombi from Brazil to another country involves many processes. From the internal logistics and shipment to the paperwork and licensing required where each importing country has its own legal framework. At Kombi Brazil we offer through our partners in Europe door-to-door service for our clients in Europe. Kombi Brazil employs a staff of experts with a wide-ranging understanding of the bureaucracy of Brazil, customs and the import/export process to make your Kombi shipping experience as simple as possible.

We Kombis from Brazil

Circumstances such as budget, technical knowledge and perhaps the desire to work on a Kombi yourself vary by customer. With our team and partnerships throughout Brazil we find the right Kombi for you! At Kombi Warriors we have our own import & export license and with access to our own workplace and storage we offer complete restoration services for Kombis and other classic cars from Brazil.

For detailed info about importing a Kombi from Brazil, please click here.

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