Importing Kombi from Brazil

Bureaucratic, legal and logistical obstacles are important to consider when importing a Kombi from Brazil. We are a Brazilian import and export company specialized in exporting classic cars from Brazil. You found your own VW Kombi in Brazil? Importing a Kombi T1 & T2 from Brazil at sharp all-in prices where we offer international door-to-door service. Contact us for a free quote!

Importing Kombi Brazil
Importing Kombi from Brazil where we will handle all internal logistics, export documentation and international shipping at competitive prices.

The prices of a classic Volkswagen Kombi T1 / T2 have increased a lot in recent years. Selling prices of over EUR 20,000 are normal. It is virtually impossible at this time to purchase a Volkswagen T1 or T2 model at an attractive price in Europe. The Kombi is becoming out of reach for most aficionados. It is for this reason that more and more kombi-lovers focus their attention to Brazil where these classic cars are still widely available at prices considerably lower than in Europe and the United States.

The Volkswagen T1 model was produced in Brazil until 1975 while in Germany the production had already stopped in 1967. The Volkswagen T2, the successor of the T1, was even produced until 2013! Due to tighter safety regulations such as the mandatory airbag, it was no longer economically feasible to continue production of the Kombi.

Also the Volkswagen Beetle is widely available in Brazil at low prices (produced from 1938 until 2003). And off course there are the less known classic cars from Brazil like the amazing Puma GTE, Karman-Ghia and Volkswagen SP2.

Given the wide availability and the opportunities both for collectors and classic car investors, more and more car enthusiasts and investors are looking to buy classic cars in Brazil. Importing a Kombi from Brazil however, is accompanied by bureaucratic, legal and logistical obstacles. This is especially true if you do not speak the language and do not have any experience with bureaucracy in Brazil.

In the possession of our own import & export license in Brazil and with our dedicated and experienced team we offer complete services for all car exports from Brazil.

Car exports from Brazil

Exporting a classic car from Brazil requires different steps that can broadly be defined as:

  • Export documents
  • Internal Logistics
  • Filling the container with the cars
  • Shipping

Export documentation

Brazil Kombi
Importing cars from Brazil such us the Kombi T1 & T2, PUMA GTS or Volkswagen SP2 offers opportunities for investors. We can organize all export documentation and handle the internal logistics and the shipping. We offer international door-to-door service.

Brazil is a bureaucratic country and this also applies to importing a Kombi from Brazil. In order to export a Kombi from Brazil it is required to obtain a document that states that the car will not longer exist in Brazil (baixar). There are three steps to follow to secure this document:

  • Car documents (ownership) transfer
  • Inspection (vistoria)
  • Vehicle de-registration (baixa permanente do veículo).

All these processes are processed through Detran. The exact procedures differ per state. Before buying any Kombi in Brazil it is essential to check the car documents. One error can lead to substantial delays and costs. Often old VW Kombis T1 do not have their motor number registered in the documents which is required in order to retrieve the export documents. This process might take up to 4 weeks to complete.

To export a Kombi from Brazil it is necessary to be in the possession of a license called RADAR. This license is granted by the Brazilian tax authorities. In most cases, the owner of the Kombi will not be in the possession of such a license and therefore the services of a Brazilian import & export company are required to import the Kombi from Brazil (indirect export). The Brazilian import & export company will export the Kombi under his own name. In other words, the import & export company in Brazil will actually buy the car and thus become the legal owner of the vehicle.

An additional advantage of the modality of indirect export is that the Brazilian import and export company will handle all operational and logistical processes in Brazil. Doing business in Brazil, including importing Kombi, is complicated and has the necessary pitfalls and risks. In this scenario, it will almost always be better to use the services of a professional company in Brazil to handle all operations.

Our logistical partner in Brazil is TARGENTA LTDA and has all licenses both to import and export classic cars from and to Brazil. Kombi Warriors is part of Targenta.

importing kombi brazil
Buying and importing kombis from Brazil at sharp all-in prices with door-to-door service. We offer also restoration services for Kombis from Brazil.

Importing Kombi: the internal logistics

The internal logistical costs and operations in Brazil are always something you need to budget and to plan when importing a Kombi from Brazil. Road transport is expensive and theft and damage is always something you should consider. It is therefore essential that you only work with reliable partners and that your vehicles are insured at all times. A misjudgment can lead to significant costs and damage.

Filling the container

Making the container filled with the kombis ready for export is a very delicate process.

The filling of the container with the Kombis is another crucial phase in the export process. This can be done in two different ways. With the first option, the Kombis themselves are transported to the port with a specialized car transport. At the port the Kombis will be stuffed into a container and made ready for sea transport. With the second option, the container itself will be transported to the Kombis. In this scenario the stuffing of the container will thus be done at the location of the kombis itself instead of at the port. By handling your own container stuffing you save costs at the port and therefore it is the cheapest option. However, it is the responsibility of the owner of the cars to have the necessary infrastructure to load the Kombis into the container.

The stuffing of the container is a very delicate operation. It is important that the cars should be lashed in a very secure way so that the Kombis can not move during sea transport. The battery should be disconnected and there should not be any gasoline left. If not, the shipment will be regarded as dangerous that will increase the costs substantially or even the shipment might be refused.

We have built a network of proven carriers that are specialized in loading and transporting classic cars from and to Brazil. If you are interested in a price quote, please feel free to contact us.

Shipping of the VW Kombi T1 & T2

For the international sea transport itself, you will have to pay for the use of the sea container(s). One Kombi fits in a 20 feet container. A 40 feet container can hold two Kombis. The price difference between a 20 feet and 40 feet sea container is very low / the same. So you will realize significant cost savings when importing more than one Kombi from Brazil.

The main costs at the port are:

There are some additional costs like Bill of Lading, the sealing of the container and fumigation. However, these cost have a negligible effect on the total importing cost of the kombi.

One aspect to keep in mind are the costs of the storage of the cars at the port itself. The period for free storage at the port is limited and so additional fees will apply is this period is exceeded. With proper planning, however, this will not lead to any problems in practice.

Buying a kombi in Brazil

Importing Kombi VW T1
We offer a wide range of kombis from Brazil in all price classes.

Buying and importing your own Kombi from Brazil is obviously the most advantageous. However, Brazil is not an easy country to do business. Importing Kombi from Brazil involves dealing with bureaucracy and controlling operational risks. It is important to check before transferring any money, that the classic car that is offered matches the quality of how it is advertised. Also the future buyer should check if there are no open standing fines as it is impossible to get the export license in this case. The new buyer will be responsible for paying these penalties. And most importantly, the documents of the Volkswagen Kombi itself should be checked.

We can assist you with the purchase and importing of a Kombi from Brazil in a secure way. Each Kombi that we export from Brazil will be visited and checked by our team. As an independent company we take care of all your interests. We arrange all export documents and organize the internal transport to the port in Brazil. With our global logistic partners, we deliver the car to the address you specify. We are your one-point contact for all car exports from Brazil.

Did you not find your VW bus yet in Brazil? We source for VW Kombis T1 & T2 and can restore the vehicles according to your wishes. 

Restoring Kombi in Brazil

Kombi WarriorsGiven the high prices of a fully restored Kombi in Europe, importing a Kombi ready for sale in Europe can be a very profitable business. With our own workshop and cheap access to spare parts, our dedicated team will restore your Kombi exactly to your wishes.

The payments will be done in different stages of the restoration where the next payment will only be done after the satisfactory implementation of the previous phase. Contact us for a free quote!

If you are interested in buying Kombis T1 & T2 from Brazil please feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities. Importing Kombi from Brazil against sharp all-in prices and with door-to-door services. We have a wide range of Kombis T1 and T2 available in all prices classes.


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  1. Hi would like to import a kombi (splitty)to South Africa .Can you assist.What do you have for under 12000eur.I can restore in SA if you dont have a restored one.

  2. Happy to learn more about a model I love,but sad to hear its production was discontinued.
    How can I get spare parts from there? I have an old 1978 model but parts here in Kenya are a challege.

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    i am interestwd to import T1/T2 to Europe. can you give me some list or offers of kombi, price transport ect? i want to check if it is profitable to me.
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  6. Good afternoon;
    Is it possible to export last T2 versions in France? I would be interested by the 2000 and after models,
    Do you know if I could register the kombi in France?
    Very good site by the way!

  7. O want to buy a Kombi 2011 Brazilian made and I’m buying it from a garage in England . But I live in France . How easy is it to change to France plates and for the tax ?

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