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Buying a Kombi in Brazil

When it comes to importing a Kombi from Brazil, it is essential to take into account the potential bureaucratic, legal, and logistical challenges that may arise. At Kombi Warriors, we specialize in exporting classic cars from Brazil, including the Kombi and Puma GTE. We provide a comprehensive international door-to-door service for importing a Kombi from Brazil, offering competitive all-inclusive prices. Our services cover major ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Vancouver, and Houston. Furthermore, we have our own garage located approximately two hours away from São Paulo, the capital city, where we offer customized restoration services for Kombis and other classic cars from Brazil.

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Are you interested in importing a Kombi from Brazil but worried about the bureaucratic and logistical challenges involved? Don’t fret! We provide an international door-to-door service that takes care of all the logistics, ensuring a smooth and stress-free importing process.

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At our garage, we are experts in undertaking comprehensive restorations for Kombis. Whether it’s an engine overhaul or a cosmetic makeover, we possess the skills and attention to detail to handle every aspect of the restoration process. 

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We offer consolidated export services to the port of Rotterdam, LeHavre, Houston and Vancouver

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Steps importing Kombi from Brazil

Importing a Kombi from Brazil can be a daunting task due to the various steps and requirements involved. It is important to plan and budget accordingly to avoid potential damages, delays, and costs. Broadly the different steps can be defined as:

  • Internal Logistics
  • Export documents
  • Filling the container
  • Shipping

Internal logistics Brazil

Internal logistics in Brazil must be considered when importing a Kombi. Road transport is expensive and can result in damage, making it essential to work with reliable partners and ensure that your vehicle is insured. 

Export documents required for importing Kombi

Brazil is a bureaucratic country and this also applies to importing a Kombi. In order to export a Kombi Volkswagen from Brazil it is required to obtain a document that states that the car will not longer exist in Brazil (baixar). There are three steps to follow to secure this document:

  • Ownership transfer Kombi to export company
  • Inspection (vistoria)
  • Vehicle de-registration (baixa permanente do veículo).

All these processes are processed through Detran. It is important to note that these procedures may differ per state, Before importing any Kombi from Brazil it is essential to check the car documents. One error can lead to substantial delays and costs. Often old VW Kombis T1 do not have their motor number registered in the documents which is required in order to retrieve the export documents. This process might take a couple of weeks to complete.

Obtaining a license called RADAR is necessary to export a Kombi from Brazil, and this license is granted by the Brazilian tax authorities. Most Kombi owners will not have this license, making the services of a Brazilian export company necessary for indirect export. In this case, the export company will export the Volkswagen Kombi under its own name, and become the legal owner of the vehicle. This means that the actual purchase of the Kombi must be done by the exporter and not by the buyer of the Kombi outside Brazil.

One advantage of indirect export is that the Brazilian export company will handle all operational and logistical processes in Brazil, including the export documents. This can save time and effort on the part of the buyer, as they can rely on the experience and expertise of the export company to handle the details of the export process.

In summary, importing a Kombi from Brazil involves multiple steps that must be carefully planned and executed. It is important to work with reliable partners, ensure that your vehicle is insured, and obtain the necessary documents and licenses. By taking the time to research and plan ahead, you can minimize potential risks and enjoy the unique experience of owning a Volkswagen Kombi from Brazil.

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