Importing Kombi Brazil

Volkswagen Kombi T1 & T2 from Brazil

Importing Kombi from Brazil

Bureaucratic, legal and logistical obstacles are important to consider when importing a Kombi from Brazil. We are a Brazilian company specialized in exporting classic cars from Brazil like the Volkswagen T1 Kombi, VW Puma , VW SP2, Bianco and Miura car. Importing a Volkswagen Kombi T1 & T2 from Brazil at sharp all-in prices where we offer international door-to-door service. We offer our consolidated services to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and LeHavre. With our own garage located about two hours form the capital city of São Paulo we provide tailor-made restoration services for Volkswagen Kombis and other classic cars from Brazil.

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Importing Kombi 

We offer global logistical solutions and handle all internal transport. Contact us for our consolidated export services to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and LeHavre.

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Volkswagen T1 restoration

With our own garage we do complete VW Kombi T1 restorations. Completely according to your wishes. A complete Volkswagen T1 restoration takes about 6 months.

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Custom VW T1 & T2 camper vans

Did you know that we also build custom Volkswagen T1 & T2 camper vans? Unique and affordable. We also do the design and construction of the camper interior ourselves. 

It´s free. It´s fast. No obligations.

The prices of a classic Volkswagen Kombi T1 & T2 have increased a lot in recent years. It is currently virtually impossible to buy a Kombi T1 or T2 model at an attractive price in Europe. It is for this reason that more and more Kombi enthusiasts are turning their attention to Brazil, where these classic cars are still widely available at prices significantly lower prices.

Volkswagen Kombis are still widely available in Brazil. The Volkswagen T1 model was produced in Brazil until 1975 while in Germany the production had already stopped in 1967. The Volkswagen T2, the successor of the T1, was even produced until 2013! 

Given the wide availability and the opportunities both for collectors and classic car investors, more and more car enthusiasts and investors are looking to buy classic cars like the Volkswagen Kombi in Brazil. Importing a Kombi from Brazil however, is accompanied by bureaucratic, legal and logistical obstacles. This is especially true if you do not speak the language and do not have any experience with bureaucracy in Brazil.

In the possession of our own import & export license in Brazil and with our dedicated and experienced team we offer complete services for all Kombi imports from Brazil. 

Steps importing Kombi from Brazil

Importing a Volkswagen Kombi from Brazil requires different steps that can broadly be defined as:

  • Internal Logistics
  • Export documents
  • Filling the container
  • Shipping

Internal logistics Brazil

The internal logistical costs and operations in Brazil are always something you need to budget and to plan when importing a Kombi from Brazil. Road transport is expensive and damage is always something you should consider. It is therefore essential that you only work with reliable partners and that your vehicles are insured at all times. A misjudgment can lead to significant costs and damage.

Export documents required for importing Kombi

Brazil is a bureaucratic country and this also applies to importing a Kombi. In order to export a Kombi Volkswagen from Brazil it is required to obtain a document that states that the car will not longer exist in Brazil (baixar). There are three steps to follow to secure this document:

  • Ownership transfer Kombi to export company
  • Inspection (vistoria)
  • Vehicle de-registration (baixa permanente do veículo).

All these processes are processed through Detran. The exact procedures differ per state. Before importing any Kombi in Brazil it is essential to check the car documents. One error can lead to substantial delays and costs. Often old VW Kombis T1 do not have their motor number registered in the documents which is required in order to retrieve the export documents. This process might take a couple of weeks to complete.

To export a Kombi from Brazil it is necessary to be in the possession of a license called RADAR. This license is granted by the Brazilian tax authorities. In most cases, the owner of the Kombi will not be in the possession of such a license and therefore the services of a Brazilian export company are required to import the Kombi from Brazil (indirect export). The Brazilian export company will export the Volkswagen Kombi under his own name. In other words, the  company in Brazil will actually buy the car and thus become the legal owner of the vehicle. This also means that the actual purchase of the Kombi must be done by the exporter and not by the buyer of the Kombi outside Brazil.

An advantage of the modality of indirect export is that the Brazilian export company will handle all operational and logistical processes in Brazil including the export documents.

Shipping of the VW Kombi T1 & T2

Most sea transport will go by container (for the US there are also RoRo options). In a 20 feet container fits one Volkswagen Kombi T1/T2. A 40 feet container can hold two Volkswagen buses. The price difference between a 20 feet and 40 feet sea container is very low. So you will realize significant logistical cost savings when importing more than one Kombi from Brazil.

For our European clients we offer consolidated export services to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and LeHavre. This means that we put two Kombis of  different clients into one 40 feet container. With this modality clients interested in importing only one Kombi will save substantially on logistical costs.

Contact us for a custom quote. We can also assist you with the sourcing and purchase of your Volkswagen bus.


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